Sunday, June 17, 2012


What a lovely relaxed weekend!
Work has been insane the last few weeks and have me dreaming of alternative career paths. Don't get me wrong, i love my work but sometimes I would love to be doing something more creative!

Saturday was a lovely spread out sleep in for me, Alex didn't quite make it to bed as he was on call :(

Then off for a bit of yacht shopping. My dad is in the market for a yacht so we checked out one this morning. It has potential with a bit of a clean and freshen up of the interiors.

Exciting as it means that by next sailing season we will up and ready to race. The timing has been good as the current boat I crew on won't be racing this year. It has been a great boat to sail on for the last few years but something faster will also be enjoyed!

A night of dancing and a house clean topped off a relaxing weekend.

Sofa update: after a bit of social media rage the area manager contacted me. When I rang the store they told me I could come in ad pick up a floor stock cushion. I was happy with that but wasn't going to get it myself. The store is across town and is an hour round trip so I asked them to deliver. They said they would. An hour later I got a call saying that the person I spoke with contacted the manager and I couldn't have the floor stock cushion. GRR!
The area manager was very apologetic and told me once again that I could go and get a cushion if I wanted it for the weekend. At this point it was 4.30pm and I had walked into town. No way I was getting to the store by 5pm.
I'm hoping a replacement will come by wednesday or else I will be very annoyed.
While I was in store I found some great bar stools for my bench. Now I need to find new ones as I'm not going back there on principal!

Well thats my sunday rant over! I am cozied up on the couch watching the block and dreaming up DIY!

Simone XOXO

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