Tuesday, May 29, 2012


My sister Kate and I have our registration in for the Decoration and Design fair. We may also head over to Design: Made: Trade as well. A good pair of shoes will be required!

I hope we get see some great local stuff, we both have lots of ideas and see amazing products online, however shipping to Australia from OS is tres expensive so it's not often an option.

Maybe a new pair of clogs are required!
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday Love

I few weeks ago it was my birthday!

Here are a few photo memories
I heart goldfish

Best birthday card ever! Thanks Alex.

Delicious- Meredith goats cheese and cracked pepper toast for breaky. Alex asked if wanted to go out, but it was a glorious sunny morning and it's nice being in our  newish home.

Chai tea


Turning 26 is overrated 

We lost the birthday candles in the move.

Lots of people over for drinks, so lots of candles.
I was very spoilt for my birthday and was surrounded by family and friends. I have a big joint birthday dinner with my sister's husband's brother (hmmm) as we share the same birthday!

The next day was mother days so Alex's parents stayed down and his sister, brother in law and their adorable baby cam to visit for the day.

I do love a birthday...except for the ageing part!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Getting Stuff Done!

Since we moved life has been busy. We had a few quiet weekends where we didn't get much done. This weekend was different!

Friday there was crazy torrential rain, it well and truly feels like winter.
I got stuck in traffic after a car accident on my way to a client appointment and felt very unsafe on the roads. Friday night I was ready to have some fun!

I headed to a VIP night at Nevenka. Amazing champagne, good company and fantastic clothes made for an enjoyable night. Rosemary and Ashley at Nevenka made the evening fantastic. I loved so many things and ended up with a gorgeous shirt.

Saturday and Sunday were forcast to rain so we didn't make any plans. When I woke up Saturday the sun was shining so we decided a trip to the hardware store was on the cards and some fixing up at the house.
Our double doors were desperate for a varnish. Te previous owners had a dog who scratched at the door and wore away the varnish. The water was just soaking into the cedar and by summer we would have had to replace them if we didn't act soon.
It's not ideal painting weather, but this was an urgent job. Dad mentioned that we needed to get onto it every time he came around!

Alex and I are not DIYers so we did three trips to the hardware to get everything we needed. We will learn...slowly!

Lots of sanding and painting and a few hours later, shiny doors.

Unfortunately the wood on the bottom of the doors is damaged. We tried our hardest to sand them back but now they are painted the darker water stained areas are more noticeable. I think when summer arrives we will strip the doors and either take to them with an electric sander or paint them.  

 This is not a sponsored post... My Rhino ladder is the business. It has a shelf and flat steps to work from. If you need a ladder for around the home I highly recommend!

With the sun shining it was a nice day to be outside. We made use of the awning for shade....and later to keep the rain off our freshly painted doors.

Sunday morning I got up and painted another layer, im cool like that! Being a young-ish homeowner has it's challengers. One being getting up after a night out to paint! Champagne and paint fumes are not friends!

Other things achieved this weekend:

-Seals put around the windows in the front room
-Caught up with friends
-put up heaps of Alex's posters in his 'man cave'
-Pulled down the sheers in the bedroom and the living room

I will post about the sheers next week! I think the lounge ones will stay down but bedroom ones might go back up!

I hope you all have a nice week

Simone xoxo

Monday, May 21, 2012


This weekend I had some big plans... some happened, most didn't. I did however catch up with several friends so that makes it the perfect weekend! 

Brunch on Saturday with my friend Mich who was heading off OS. Followed by some shopping.

Saturday arvo was more shopping in Yarraville, with my friend Naic, then dinner with Penelope. 

Dinner was followed by a trip to Munich in the city. Long island iced teas in a stein were a good idea at the time... not so much the next day.

On our way to the next bar we found a streamer tree. This is the only half decent photo of me that came out as Naic had the camera on film and I had consumed the above iced tea! 

Im pretty sure my parents who had been at the football enjoyed the trip home from Melbourne with me singing Lana Del Ray in the back and telling amazing stories too! 

Around the houseI did get several loads of washing done and the ongoing battle with the washing machine and the uneven floor continues! 
After several trails at a solution we now need to get serious and build a permanent platform in the old fireplace so we can get the washing machine out of the middle of the laundry! 

I hope you all had a fruitful weekend! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday update!

Desk tidy and dust bunnies eliminated!
This makes me happy like my desk dwarf!


What a long week, i have made it to Friday yay!
With only one client today I have a big day of paperwork and phone calls ahead of me, yuck!
I did do some training yesterday, the lady said that you should clean your desk once a week! That sounds like a sweet procrastination task.

This weekend I plan to:

-Cover my lamp shade ( I tried spray painting them. FAIL)
-Hang our bathroom cupboard (dad required)
-Clean the whole house, it's tres dusty!
-Do several loads of washing!

I will also catch up with my darling friends Penelope and Naic Saturday and tonight's plan include continuing the couch to 5k program and dinner/ drinks with my sister!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wardrobe Love

As much as I curse about the lack of bathroom storage in our new nest, there is a good amount of clothes storage.
The previous inhabitants put built in ikea wardrobes in. The put a double and corner unit in the main bedroom and a double in Alex's man cave.

Initially we shared the space, I had the corner and Alex had the double space. I was pretty squashed and hadn't unpacked all my clothes.

It took about 2 weeks of slowly hinting, complaining about lack of shoe space and leaving the odd stiletto lying around to be stood on for Alex to move out, not entirely out, just his clothes.
He seriously had 4 shirts and a few pair of pants with a few baskets in a large double wardrobe, what a waste!

Don't stress, I have put the space to good use!

 The newly acquired double wardrobe. AMAZING! Also note my stool, these are tall cupboards for a little lady. I also have another in the kitchen for those hard to reach places.
 I'm not the neatest person, folding is not my strong point. There was no was I was spending hours perfecting my wardrobe for photos. It is not me at all!
 Yes, I now have a whole draw for scarves. Very indulgent of me, but it brings me joy every scarf wearing day (about 3 per week).
 The trade off of acquiring the double wardrobe I needed to take on some tech boxes. They are way up the top so it doesn't bother me.
All neat and tidy and all mine. It's no walk in robe, but our previous house had no cupboards so this is dreamy!
Alex still has a whole double cupboard and some ikea cubes in another room!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blogging on the go!

I'm a bit slow but now have the blogger app on my phone!
Now I can blog on the go, this may work well as I'm tres slack at putting phone photos on my computer!
I can now blog sailing the high seas! 

Get Running

I have a bad relationship with exercise, and a fab one with chocolate. I have always been an incidental exercise girl. I enjoy riding my bike to work, shopping for hours on end, parking a bit further away from my destination and taking the stairs. 
But gyms, running, boot camp are not my friends. 

I have heard good things about the couch to 5k program. So while on the couch I downloaded the app.
Tonight Alex and I decided we needed to do some exercise. The weather has been miserable with cold days and rainy nights so we haven't got out much. Tonight was a crisp but clear night. Good for a run! 

With night one down we have 9 weeks to go! 
Wish me luck! 

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I think I need some sweet headbands to inspire me to keep going!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lamp update

My sister and I purchased some cheap lamps from spotlight and decided to jazz them up.

I decided on a pale mint green colour.

 Moving house has the benefits of lots of boxes to use for DIYing!

I love that they are still shiny and turned out amazingly. I did two coats. I need to think of something for the shades as the black shades don't really go. I may cover them, im not sure I will keep posted.


I have two grey armchairs in my front room that need a bit of jazzing up.
I found some amazing cushions in a local shop that were a beige linan with bright pink chevron print.
At $130 per cushion I couldn't bring myself to spend that much. I love a good cushion, but gosh they are expensive!
I do try and buy things locally but its not always the most financial option. Although in that store i spent about $400 so I don't feel too guilty!

I found these cushion covers on etsy which I purchased here.

I promise I will try and post a little more over the next few weeks.

It was my birthday this weekend so we have had a stream of people around which has been fantastic! So a bit of Sunday arvo blogging downtime is well needed!



Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bathroom cupboard

Our new bathroom has been renovated in the last few years. You can see a photo here.
It does not have any storage, at all, nothing. Unless you call the edge of the bath storage.

I do love the windows, they let a beautiful breeze in however floor to ceiling windows make adding storage tres difficult!

I'm not really sure who would reno a bathroom with no storage but this is something we are going to have to deal with.

Alex works alternating shifts, sometimes he starts at 7.00am, sometimes 8.00 and even 9.00 am starts. I consistently start at 8.00 so the weeks he starts late it is impractical to have makeup in our bedroom. as he saviours his sleep ins.

So I decided to keep my stash of 'good' make up, the stuff I usually don't wear everyday in the bedroom and the essentials in the bathroom cutting down on the space needed.

The grand plan is to take out the current sink and put in a cupboard with a sink on top.

Until we get the time/ money to do that I purchased a small vintage cupboard and will paint it to keep our stuff tidy and under control.

I got the cupbard from the mill markets for $35 pus a bit of paint and some oil cloth for the shelves i'm sure it will come up a treat for under $50.

I originally wanted this from Ikea, but they were sold out. I still like the idea of the rolling trolly though!

I have almost finished painting but here are the before photos!

It needs a good paint inside and out. I don't mind the handle but would be open to changing it if I could find something I liked!

More photos to come!