Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello Shoes

I have a shoe thing. and they tend to sprawl throughout the house and occasionally live under the couch. I have a shoe shelf but they don't all fit and it's the everyday shoes that tend to get a bit crazy.

I love this idea. two Hemnes shoe cabinets from ikea!

via interior design musing

House layout

With not may sleeps to move day we have been thinking about where we will hang out in our new place.
Currently we have a little open plan house. with the kitchen, dining and living in one bigish open space. each area is clear and Alex has his desk and computer over in the dining section. We have two bedrooms and one is storage/ shed as we have no shed!
So we live in the one space. This is fine, we put headphones on a listen to music if we need some down time.
In our new place we have two living areas. One which is an open plan room with the kitchen and the other which has the fireplace at the front.
The current owners had a smallish modular lounge and small dining table in the kitchen living area and then more small couches in the front room. photo's here,  here and here.

I planned on doing the same, but putting in a long skinny dining table. Alex and I were unsure which room we would use the most.

My lovely friend Naic who is an architect suggested that the rooms need a purpose/ function and that we should stick to it. Make a living room and a dining room.

So in the kitchen/ living put a massive dining table and just some occasional chairs in the corner and then in the front room make it the main living area.

This idea I liked!

Dining table and occasional chairs ----------------------->

Living room --------------->

P.S I tried to draw this on photo shop...I failed, i need to learn how to do the basics as i have no clue! I am a bad blogger.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Miike Snow

Today was an intense day at work, stress levels were high, sleep levels low and a massive planning day. As I staggered bleary eyed in to work ridiculously early (7:30, early for me!) I decided that I needed a bubble of goodness to get me through!

So I downloaded the new Miike Snow Album Happy to you and put my pretty white earphones on. I wear my big ones like a freestyler at work much to the baby boomers amusement! When I wear earbuds no one notices and thinks i'm just ignoring them.

via Stoney Roads

I lifted my spirits and made it through with no tears (unlike some of my co workers). With a big pot of green tea I was completely chilled and may have been described a vague which in a day of craziness I took as a complement!

When i got home, I popped it on again except out loud, had a dance and air drum solo, chopped some vegetables and made a massive pot of soup! Had a big walk and now im ready for a bit of trashy TV!

I hope everyone else is chilled out, if not, a bit of Miike may make you smile!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

more house peeks

Here are a few more photos of the house in its before state. 
Only 22 sleeps til move day!!

master bedroom, i'm not in love with the brown, but maybe a soft grey? I am also looking for alternatives to sheer curtains, i do dislike them greatly.
 The bedroom will need new lights and a paint. the cupbards are quite good!

One day these doors with be replaced with cafe doors

The bathroom is fine, the shutter windows let a beautiful afternoon breeze into the house. we will have to loo at some ort of storage as there really isn't any. Alex and I both start work at different times so getting makeup and stuff done in the bedroom doesn't really work! 

It's getting chilly!

Autumn has started to kick in, i feel we have just about had our last warm days!
I'm now on the hunt for a new pair of black boots for winter. I have blogged about my new love for Horseland in my old blog.
Nope, i dont have a horse, I have never had a horse (except in my dreams).

I stumbled upon Horseland when looking for a sweet helmet for my bike. Normal/ conventional helmets were tres ugly and unfortunately (or fortunately for my brain) Australian road rule insist on helmet wearing or face a hefty fine!

While i was on the search for the helmet I found a wall of boots, amazing BOOTS! Who would have thought!

Here are a few that i popped in to look at the other day!

Found here
and here
They are both a gumboot style bood but im particularly keen on the second ones!

I must say that I do feel out of place when I go in there, I think they can sense I'm not a pony girl...just a girl called Pony!

Friday, March 16, 2012


While i was perusing blog land the other night I stumbled upon this lovely online shop and blog.
Follow Store is an Australian store who sell worldwide online. You can also check out their blog here.

I was lucky enough to win their Friday competition, so excited!! This is what I won! Thanks guys!!!

They have an amazing collection of things from art to jewellery to homewares here are a few of my favs

Ceramic Bambi Planter

Triangle Pattern Bangle

Large Geometric Brooch - Purple/Green

Mustard Hand Embroidered Fox Brooch

I have had chairs on my mind!

I have just purchased these chairs on ebay from a lovely man in NYC! There are 8 chairs all together!

I am so excited as sourcing them in Australia was proving to be very difficult and very expensive!

Its really difficult to find anything regency or american vintage/ antique here. Maybe i'm just looking in the wrong spot!
I think I will paint them another colour as they wont really suit my living/ dining room and maybe cover the cushion in some sweet fabric!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chairs, Chairs, Chairs

I usually have a fairly good idea of what i want, but its just finding it in my price range that challenges, except with dining chairs!

I am all over the place about what I want!

Here are some ideas...
Via Pink Wallpaper

via Apartment Therapy

Mixed dining chairs all in one colour are awesome, particularly for someone who does not want to commit to one style of chair!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Love in a box

While trawling the wonderful world of blogs I stumbled upon this amazing recipe box at Becoming Lola!

Its from Sugar Paper and can be found here!
I think I need this... It does match my pink kitchenaid mixer!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The weekend that was....

I hope everyone had a sweet weekend, mine was big and sleep was not something that featured much!

Friday night was the once year celebration of the launch of Sinikka Floral Designs. It was a lovely evening filled with flowers and champagne and even a bulb buffet which I was very impressed with!

Via Sinikka Floral Designs

Via Sinikka Floral Designs

Saturday night we had the wedding of two very special people at Jack Rabbit Vineyard. It was a beautiful night and the views are to die for. Last time I was at Jack Rabbit was for my sisters wedding last December. It was an awesome night but I was very busy with styling and bridesmaid duties that I didn't really take in the amazing views. It was lovely to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere! 

We helped with the wedding set up so were well and truly ready for bed at the end of the night. 

Views from Jack Rabbit by Love Katie and Sarah

It was a long weekend so the festivities continued into Sunday night for my bff's birthday and a trashy night out in town dancing! Much to say after three days in the stilettos my feet (and my head) are in need of a good rest!

Monday I was ready to spend the day in bed, but my dad was very keen for a sail as the days are starting to get colder! It was the wooden boat festival so there were lots of pretty boats out and about!

On that note im putting my feet up and watching some trashy tv!
I hope everyone had an awesome long weekend!

Shopping List

We need a few bits and pieces for the house, we are also trying to decide on what style we want as well. I have strong clear ideas which sometimes my other half Alex thing are amazing...except when it comes to anything pink or floral... this challenges me greatly but i'm sure I will adapt!
I am also obsessed with yellow and mustard, Alex isn't keen on mustard but I will work on that!

Things I am currently hunting for:

  • dining table, most likely 700 X 2000- skinny and long for our space
  • dining chairs (i'm in love with chinese chippendale chairs- difficult to find in Australia!)
  • two x sofas with arm chairs for the main living room and the front room
  • amazing mirror for above the fireplace
  • Two great rugs
  • Bed head
At the moment our currently house is cute and functional, however we have spent very little on furniture and ebay and ikea have been our friends. I didn't really want to spend lots on furniture which may not fit into our new home. our current couch won't fit and our dining table is too wide!  

via 1st dibs

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lounge Room Ideas

Poppy has a home

Our new place has not one but TWO sheds!

which means this pretty lady has a home (other than the second bedroom)

I purchased my Pashley Poppy last year, I love her and look forward to being able to ride to work!
My office was temporarily relocated for 18months while a new one was built so I have been a driver and its killing me! 

we have a house!

After a long-ish hunt we finally have purchased our first home!
When we first started looking we made a list of desirable:

  • Character
  • Floorboards
  • Renovated (but not poorly renovated)
  • Dishwasher
  • Three bedrooms
  • Outdoor entertaining
  • Natural light
  • Backyard
  • Undercover parking
  • Great Kitchen
  • Close to shops
  • Bike riding distance to my office
Oh and in our budget...

I had one lacklustre real estate agent tell me "i was dreaming" if I thought we would get what we want in our budget. I told him i usually get my way, it just may take some time.

We have purchased a 1950's workers cottage with most of the above checklist. It has character, but not as much as I was hoping for however it is ours, we love it and now only 32 sleeps til we move! 

Here is a sneak peak of the photos from the listing. The pervious owners have done a good quality renovation but not much in the way of decoration so its a blank canvas!

Structurally we dont need to do anything but we will need to purchase furniture, paint inside and out and build a deck, concrete an I are not friends! 

Let the fun begin! (oh and more budgeting as we have depleted our savings buying!)