Friday, August 31, 2012

Garden lunch date

I have beautiful gardens behind my office! Alex had a day off this week so we had lunch in the park!
The sun is shining but it's still cold! Summer is coming!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lounge update

As our front lounge is the warmest room in the house we have been spending much time in there.
I did a bit of a re style on the weekend. I still have my Bally print to put up, wallpaper, paint, painting my desk and a few other things to do.

I am much happier with the room!

Here are my lamps completed with new shade. You can see the before here.
I'm not sure what colour to pain my writing desk. i will have to browse the web for some ideas.

My Bally print will go above the fire place. I think I would like the render the fireplace or find and old mantle to put up!  I am planning a bit of an op shop run to get some old books to put on my fire place.

Lamp close up.

My dog chairs. Alex loves these, they are growing on me. I love them with the cushion. I am still needing to paint my nest of tables. 
Tomorrow I will take a photo is the day light and do a bit of a before and after.

On an exciting note my sisters wedding is in Cosmopolitan Bride this months. We spent lots of time putting the wedding together so its exciting that it will live on in print!
More on that this week!

Good night

Snow trip


This weekend we went on a road trip to Falls Creek. My friend is living in Mt Beauty for the season so we though a visit and a bit of a ski trip was needed.

It has been an awesome season. We usually do a week trip to one of the mountains but buying a house this year knocked around the finances.

There was soo much snow, I haven't skied on that much fresh snow in Australia! The drive up and down the mountain was tiring. We made it up with no chains as I have an AWD but back down chains were needed and a bit of digging to get out of the car park!

It was a lovely trip and catching up with good friend was the highlight!  

Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello out there!

In an attempt to post regularly I have attempted to take more photos!

This weekend we did some more organizing, in my ginger jar I found Easter eggs! Huh! My sister put them there when we moved! They were still deliciously good!

We did some work on the boat and went for a sail on Sunday.

I got my nails done too!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bad blogger

I know I have been missing posts and not overly engaged. I have no excuse, I feel like we have done as much as we were going to do to the house for a while!
I need a new direction!

This I will ponder....

Meanwhile here is a quick update on life!

I have been dog sitting these two babies... many hugs and kisses!


I saw Lana Del Rey, amazing but 45 minutes was fairly short.
Lana Del Rey
My lovely car Yolanda was broken into... sadface :(
Poor Yolanda
So I had to drive from Melbourne to Geelong on a cold winters night with a broken window... Lucky I have plenty of layers in my car!

I didn't get much taken from my car, but I can only conclude the theives must have been highly unfashionable (or animal activists) as they left my vintage fur cape and miu miu coat.. phew!

I have been working hard!
Work lunches are way more fun in my Gaga lunch box!


That's all for now xoxo