Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bad blogger

I know I have been missing posts and not overly engaged. I have no excuse, I feel like we have done as much as we were going to do to the house for a while!
I need a new direction!

This I will ponder....

Meanwhile here is a quick update on life!

I have been dog sitting these two babies... many hugs and kisses!


I saw Lana Del Rey, amazing but 45 minutes was fairly short.
Lana Del Rey
My lovely car Yolanda was broken into... sadface :(
Poor Yolanda
So I had to drive from Melbourne to Geelong on a cold winters night with a broken window... Lucky I have plenty of layers in my car!

I didn't get much taken from my car, but I can only conclude the theives must have been highly unfashionable (or animal activists) as they left my vintage fur cape and miu miu coat.. phew!

I have been working hard!
Work lunches are way more fun in my Gaga lunch box!


That's all for now xoxo

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