Sunday, January 13, 2013


Time is flying.

I have had an unplanned blog break, it just happened, I got busy.

How has January been for you so far.

Last week I went back to work. It wasn't too bad but I felt like I needed more holidays.

Yesterday we went for a bike ride to Buckley's falls. I have to admit I havent actually been there although I have driven past many times.

The ride was fairly easy but towards the end it got a bit hilly and 3 gears are not enough!

I'm not sure why I always feel the need to ride and take photos, I guess I am just a daredevil!

I will get back on track with my posting this week! I have had a massive computer cleanup so I'm feeling ready to share some more photos.




  1. i love riding/walking to buckley falls! i would usually go and perve on the fancy houses around there too.

  2. I'm surprised I hadn't actually been there, my friend used to live across the road!
    I'm planning on visiting again after it has rained and hike down for a closer look.