Thursday, January 24, 2013


 Over the Christmas break I did a massive cull of clothing. I hadn't got rid of anything in ages and my cupboards and floor were driving me bonkers. I have a fairly reasonable sized wardrobe which was in the house when we purchased it. Lucky for me it is an Ikea pax system which means you can easily customise it!
There is a lot of space in the wardrobe but much of that space is high, I am very short. I have previously posted about my wardrobe. I loved what I did.... But there were so many other clothes either in the washing basket or still not unpacked from the move. It was my ideal wardrobe not a practical wardrobe. 
After pulling everything out and starting again this is what I got.
This is my complete wardrobe.

On the left side is a skinny cupboard. I added one drawn at the bottom so I had more storage . Tops, underwear, jumpers, swimwear, pants and gym stuff live here.

Who doesn't love labelling! 

The corner cupboard holds a lot but things get lost. I have hung all my long dresses, with day dresses on the left and party dresses on the right. I have also put my long coats in here too. On the shelves I have frequently worn shoes. 
This is the big double cupboard. I added two draws at the bottom and  a slide out scarf rail on the right. This one holds skirts, hangable tops and short jackets/ blazers.

I have also added a lot of hooks for accessories.

The bottom draw holds winter shoes and under it is room for flats.

The top draw holds leggings, stockings, small purses and bags, gloves and accessories.

On the shelf I have less frequently worn shoes. In my previous house I got rid of all my shoe boxes, im not sure if that was a great idea.
 Its 39 degrees (celsius) here today. I also made it my mission to do all my washing, I had two big loads and a small load of hand washing so I could make sure everything had a place.

It feels like it will be fairly functional. Originally I had all my going out clothes in the double side and it was nice to open the doors and pick out something however this is a better use of the space!

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