Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10 things...

10 things I will miss about my old house:

1: Living next to a church/ church hall
No not because it makes me closer to god, but there are several groups that practice there as well as a ballet group where someone plays the piano. 
Tonight is a beautiful night and i'm laying in be listening to a beautiful men's choir. I feel like im in an old movie 

2: Being really close to town
It's way easier to walk/ ride to the shops than drive. This is really awesome especially at christmas! 

3: The coziness of our little house
It's lovely living closely when there is just two of you.

4: Two mirrors in the bathroom
Do i need to say anything more

5: Our landlord Steve
He mows, gardens, fixes stuff and even pops in for a beer at Christmas, awesome guy

6: Great space for parties
many parties have been hosted in the two years we have been here.

7: The courtyard garden
Its a private space that gets both morning and afternoon sun for lazying like a cat in all year round

8: The floorboards
I really swoon over a quality timber floor

9: The large kitchen
I enjoy cooking and baking so much appreciated. When we looked for places we found an amazing waterfront apartment which had a kitchen that only one person and a bar fridge could fit in. 

10: It is our first home together. 
One of my friends said she always felt at home in our house, the best home compliment a person could be paid!  

terrible photo, I will aim to get a better one tomorrow! 

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