Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend treasures

 I hope you had a sweet weekend!
We have had amazing sunny Autumn days so I soaked up a few rays over the weekend.
I did some building with my dad, caught up with friends, did some house shopping and got locked out, whoops!

I hit up a few place around town with my sister including the shed off pako, the mill markets, Ashby House and a little shop in Queesncliff who's name I have forgotten!

I had a bit of a win everywhere, here is what I got...

Oldish nesting tables... they had flat screws.

New set of nesting tables! Not sure what colour to paint them

A vintage mirror
Bifold mirror for my bedroom dress

Tea set
New tea set with tea cups, milk creamer and sugar bowl, cake plate and teapot. The shop wrapped it so I only unwrapped one cup as we are moving in less than two weeks! 

At Ashby house I purchased two quirky armchairs and an amazing yellow to come. I will pick them up after I move!

The wind picked up in the arvo and blew  the front door shut...lucky the window was open! 


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