Sunday, April 29, 2012


It has been a hectic few months but we are in our new home and settling in slowly!
I have been missing in blog land for a little while.

Here is a quick summary of the last month...

We took some days off to finish packing, we were so organised that the day before we moved we went out for the day as our house was box city!

Then the fateful call, someone along the line stuffed up and we would not be settling on the Friday as planned. So after many stressful phone calls back and forth we were able to move in under an agreement. Because this was a drawn out process we didn't get the keys til 3.00pm, aggh!

This was a highly stress situation and quite upsetting, it cost us about $1000 extra as well. I am a fairly organized person and do tend to do things myself so I know they will get done, however in buying a house you have to put your life in someone else's hands.

In the end we got in and had everything here by 8.30 that night!

The first thing I did was clean as the house hadn't been cleaned and then unpack the kitchen.

Thanks Dad, expert truck packer!

The next job was to remove the unattractive decorative curtains either and horror show sheers!

Decorative curtains (in every room)

These actually look cooler in the photo. Baby blue, floral flocked sheers!

The pile of horror.

Don't get me wrong, i am not opposed to a brocade curtain, but we are in our 20s and they aged the rooms too much.
I am not ruling out a decorative feature curtain but will wait til I redo each room.

I will share some more photos soon.
Today I have been working on a little cupboard I purchased for our bathroom which I will show you once I have finished! 

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