Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Because I am a little crazy!

I think this may become a regular feature! I don't know why Christmas becomes a deadline, things must be done before Christmas or else!
Yesterday after working a 10hour day like a mad woman I insisted on starting to paint the courtyard area of our house.
Alex knowing not to protest smiled and nodded and joined my in a trip to the hardware store!
We started painting at 7pm... Lucky we have daylight saving!
We got one coat on one wall which was the trickiest as it was brick and needed a lot of paintbrush prepping and soaked up soo much paint!
I am very impressed with the result, no more salmon pink!
I will do a before and after once we have finished!



  1. this could be the only documented event in history that involves you objecting to pink. x

    1. Haha I know, Although i'm going on the record to say it was salmon! Unfortunately last night was raining, so still more painting to go!