Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas is coming... fast

Christmas is speeding towards us rapidly.
I have started my Christmas shopping and am planning the Christmas feast.
It will be our first christmas in our own home and we are having all the family over for lunch.
The best thing is we don't have to travel this year!

Last year on our way to Melbourne we got caught in a freak hail storm. Hail stones the size of gold balls and lemons attacked us while driving on the ring road.
Alex's car was looking pretty sad after that and I was pooped from driving!

This year we will go to my sisters in the evening which is only a few blocks away!

Friday night my sister Kate and I made an advent calendar. We used seed envelopes, letter stamps and scrtachies as the daily surprise 

Its the first tie I have had a real advent calendar and not just the ones with the cheap chocolate in them!

The hand stamping took a little while, we made two sets, one for Kate's house as well! 

We haven't won any money yet... I will let you know when we do! Fingers crossed for $10,000.

Simone xoxo

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