Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy 12 Months!

Today a year ago my sister Kate got married to her husband Luke.
We did soo much planning, DIYing and crafting for the wedding. It made is special and made the whole day even more fun.

The Tuesday before the wedding Kate decided she wanted a streamer backdrop that she spotted on 100 Layer Cake, check it out
Kate wanted to cover the back wall of the marquee eek!
10 meters of streamer backdrop was created. We spent a few nights in front of the TV cutting the streamers and then a crazy production line afternoon constructing the streamer wall.

It was so worth it, but I still have hot glue gun burn scars!

You can check out some of the photos on the photographers website here. Love Katie and Sarah were fabulous on the day, they were fun and blended in with the guests, I know Kate and Luke were really happy with them!

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