Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bathroom cupboard

Our new bathroom has been renovated in the last few years. You can see a photo here.
It does not have any storage, at all, nothing. Unless you call the edge of the bath storage.

I do love the windows, they let a beautiful breeze in however floor to ceiling windows make adding storage tres difficult!

I'm not really sure who would reno a bathroom with no storage but this is something we are going to have to deal with.

Alex works alternating shifts, sometimes he starts at 7.00am, sometimes 8.00 and even 9.00 am starts. I consistently start at 8.00 so the weeks he starts late it is impractical to have makeup in our bedroom. as he saviours his sleep ins.

So I decided to keep my stash of 'good' make up, the stuff I usually don't wear everyday in the bedroom and the essentials in the bathroom cutting down on the space needed.

The grand plan is to take out the current sink and put in a cupboard with a sink on top.

Until we get the time/ money to do that I purchased a small vintage cupboard and will paint it to keep our stuff tidy and under control.

I got the cupbard from the mill markets for $35 pus a bit of paint and some oil cloth for the shelves i'm sure it will come up a treat for under $50.

I originally wanted this from Ikea, but they were sold out. I still like the idea of the rolling trolly though!

I have almost finished painting but here are the before photos!

It needs a good paint inside and out. I don't mind the handle but would be open to changing it if I could find something I liked!

More photos to come!


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