Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's getting chilly!

Autumn has started to kick in, i feel we have just about had our last warm days!
I'm now on the hunt for a new pair of black boots for winter. I have blogged about my new love for Horseland in my old blog.
Nope, i dont have a horse, I have never had a horse (except in my dreams).

I stumbled upon Horseland when looking for a sweet helmet for my bike. Normal/ conventional helmets were tres ugly and unfortunately (or fortunately for my brain) Australian road rule insist on helmet wearing or face a hefty fine!

While i was on the search for the helmet I found a wall of boots, amazing BOOTS! Who would have thought!

Here are a few that i popped in to look at the other day!

Found here
and here
They are both a gumboot style bood but im particularly keen on the second ones!

I must say that I do feel out of place when I go in there, I think they can sense I'm not a pony girl...just a girl called Pony!

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