Monday, March 12, 2012

Shopping List

We need a few bits and pieces for the house, we are also trying to decide on what style we want as well. I have strong clear ideas which sometimes my other half Alex thing are amazing...except when it comes to anything pink or floral... this challenges me greatly but i'm sure I will adapt!
I am also obsessed with yellow and mustard, Alex isn't keen on mustard but I will work on that!

Things I am currently hunting for:

  • dining table, most likely 700 X 2000- skinny and long for our space
  • dining chairs (i'm in love with chinese chippendale chairs- difficult to find in Australia!)
  • two x sofas with arm chairs for the main living room and the front room
  • amazing mirror for above the fireplace
  • Two great rugs
  • Bed head
At the moment our currently house is cute and functional, however we have spent very little on furniture and ebay and ikea have been our friends. I didn't really want to spend lots on furniture which may not fit into our new home. our current couch won't fit and our dining table is too wide!  

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