Tuesday, March 27, 2012

House layout

With not may sleeps to move day we have been thinking about where we will hang out in our new place.
Currently we have a little open plan house. with the kitchen, dining and living in one bigish open space. each area is clear and Alex has his desk and computer over in the dining section. We have two bedrooms and one is storage/ shed as we have no shed!
So we live in the one space. This is fine, we put headphones on a listen to music if we need some down time.
In our new place we have two living areas. One which is an open plan room with the kitchen and the other which has the fireplace at the front.
The current owners had a smallish modular lounge and small dining table in the kitchen living area and then more small couches in the front room. photo's here,  here and here.

I planned on doing the same, but putting in a long skinny dining table. Alex and I were unsure which room we would use the most.

My lovely friend Naic who is an architect suggested that the rooms need a purpose/ function and that we should stick to it. Make a living room and a dining room.

So in the kitchen/ living put a massive dining table and just some occasional chairs in the corner and then in the front room make it the main living area.

This idea I liked!

Dining table and occasional chairs ----------------------->

Living room --------------->

P.S I tried to draw this on photo shop...I failed, i need to learn how to do the basics as i have no clue! I am a bad blogger.

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