Monday, March 12, 2012

The weekend that was....

I hope everyone had a sweet weekend, mine was big and sleep was not something that featured much!

Friday night was the once year celebration of the launch of Sinikka Floral Designs. It was a lovely evening filled with flowers and champagne and even a bulb buffet which I was very impressed with!

Via Sinikka Floral Designs

Via Sinikka Floral Designs

Saturday night we had the wedding of two very special people at Jack Rabbit Vineyard. It was a beautiful night and the views are to die for. Last time I was at Jack Rabbit was for my sisters wedding last December. It was an awesome night but I was very busy with styling and bridesmaid duties that I didn't really take in the amazing views. It was lovely to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere! 

We helped with the wedding set up so were well and truly ready for bed at the end of the night. 

Views from Jack Rabbit by Love Katie and Sarah

It was a long weekend so the festivities continued into Sunday night for my bff's birthday and a trashy night out in town dancing! Much to say after three days in the stilettos my feet (and my head) are in need of a good rest!

Monday I was ready to spend the day in bed, but my dad was very keen for a sail as the days are starting to get colder! It was the wooden boat festival so there were lots of pretty boats out and about!

On that note im putting my feet up and watching some trashy tv!
I hope everyone had an awesome long weekend!

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