Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday Love

I few weeks ago it was my birthday!

Here are a few photo memories
I heart goldfish

Best birthday card ever! Thanks Alex.

Delicious- Meredith goats cheese and cracked pepper toast for breaky. Alex asked if wanted to go out, but it was a glorious sunny morning and it's nice being in our  newish home.

Chai tea


Turning 26 is overrated 

We lost the birthday candles in the move.

Lots of people over for drinks, so lots of candles.
I was very spoilt for my birthday and was surrounded by family and friends. I have a big joint birthday dinner with my sister's husband's brother (hmmm) as we share the same birthday!

The next day was mother days so Alex's parents stayed down and his sister, brother in law and their adorable baby cam to visit for the day.

I do love a birthday...except for the ageing part!


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