Sunday, May 27, 2012

Getting Stuff Done!

Since we moved life has been busy. We had a few quiet weekends where we didn't get much done. This weekend was different!

Friday there was crazy torrential rain, it well and truly feels like winter.
I got stuck in traffic after a car accident on my way to a client appointment and felt very unsafe on the roads. Friday night I was ready to have some fun!

I headed to a VIP night at Nevenka. Amazing champagne, good company and fantastic clothes made for an enjoyable night. Rosemary and Ashley at Nevenka made the evening fantastic. I loved so many things and ended up with a gorgeous shirt.

Saturday and Sunday were forcast to rain so we didn't make any plans. When I woke up Saturday the sun was shining so we decided a trip to the hardware store was on the cards and some fixing up at the house.
Our double doors were desperate for a varnish. Te previous owners had a dog who scratched at the door and wore away the varnish. The water was just soaking into the cedar and by summer we would have had to replace them if we didn't act soon.
It's not ideal painting weather, but this was an urgent job. Dad mentioned that we needed to get onto it every time he came around!

Alex and I are not DIYers so we did three trips to the hardware to get everything we needed. We will learn...slowly!

Lots of sanding and painting and a few hours later, shiny doors.

Unfortunately the wood on the bottom of the doors is damaged. We tried our hardest to sand them back but now they are painted the darker water stained areas are more noticeable. I think when summer arrives we will strip the doors and either take to them with an electric sander or paint them.  

 This is not a sponsored post... My Rhino ladder is the business. It has a shelf and flat steps to work from. If you need a ladder for around the home I highly recommend!

With the sun shining it was a nice day to be outside. We made use of the awning for shade....and later to keep the rain off our freshly painted doors.

Sunday morning I got up and painted another layer, im cool like that! Being a young-ish homeowner has it's challengers. One being getting up after a night out to paint! Champagne and paint fumes are not friends!

Other things achieved this weekend:

-Seals put around the windows in the front room
-Caught up with friends
-put up heaps of Alex's posters in his 'man cave'
-Pulled down the sheers in the bedroom and the living room

I will post about the sheers next week! I think the lounge ones will stay down but bedroom ones might go back up!

I hope you all have a nice week

Simone xoxo

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