Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wardrobe Love

As much as I curse about the lack of bathroom storage in our new nest, there is a good amount of clothes storage.
The previous inhabitants put built in ikea wardrobes in. The put a double and corner unit in the main bedroom and a double in Alex's man cave.

Initially we shared the space, I had the corner and Alex had the double space. I was pretty squashed and hadn't unpacked all my clothes.

It took about 2 weeks of slowly hinting, complaining about lack of shoe space and leaving the odd stiletto lying around to be stood on for Alex to move out, not entirely out, just his clothes.
He seriously had 4 shirts and a few pair of pants with a few baskets in a large double wardrobe, what a waste!

Don't stress, I have put the space to good use!

 The newly acquired double wardrobe. AMAZING! Also note my stool, these are tall cupboards for a little lady. I also have another in the kitchen for those hard to reach places.
 I'm not the neatest person, folding is not my strong point. There was no was I was spending hours perfecting my wardrobe for photos. It is not me at all!
 Yes, I now have a whole draw for scarves. Very indulgent of me, but it brings me joy every scarf wearing day (about 3 per week).
 The trade off of acquiring the double wardrobe I needed to take on some tech boxes. They are way up the top so it doesn't bother me.
All neat and tidy and all mine. It's no walk in robe, but our previous house had no cupboards so this is dreamy!
Alex still has a whole double cupboard and some ikea cubes in another room!

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