Monday, May 21, 2012


This weekend I had some big plans... some happened, most didn't. I did however catch up with several friends so that makes it the perfect weekend! 

Brunch on Saturday with my friend Mich who was heading off OS. Followed by some shopping.

Saturday arvo was more shopping in Yarraville, with my friend Naic, then dinner with Penelope. 

Dinner was followed by a trip to Munich in the city. Long island iced teas in a stein were a good idea at the time... not so much the next day.

On our way to the next bar we found a streamer tree. This is the only half decent photo of me that came out as Naic had the camera on film and I had consumed the above iced tea! 

Im pretty sure my parents who had been at the football enjoyed the trip home from Melbourne with me singing Lana Del Ray in the back and telling amazing stories too! 

Around the houseI did get several loads of washing done and the ongoing battle with the washing machine and the uneven floor continues! 
After several trails at a solution we now need to get serious and build a permanent platform in the old fireplace so we can get the washing machine out of the middle of the laundry! 

I hope you all had a fruitful weekend! 

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